Vehicle Title

If vehicle was purchased from a private person, you will need:

  1. Title, signed.
  2. Bill of sale.
  3. Copy of the new owner’s New York state license or 6 points of equivalent ID.
  4. The mileage accrued and color of vehicle, if not noted on the vehicle title.
  5. If taxes are due: A check made payable to DMV for taxes owed.
  6. Check made payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles for USD 50.00 (without lien).

Note: If taxes are owed on a vehicle, obtaining the title involves two steps: (1) clearing the taxes owed, and (2) obtaining the title directly from Albany.

Smart Visas and Passport Services fee: USD 49.00

Ship documents to Smart Visas and Passport Services together with a self-addressed, prepaid return shipping envelope, via Fedex only, to:

Smart Visas and Passport Services
250 Park Avenue, suite 7077
New York, NY, 10177
(212) 572-6404
(212) 572-6405

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