Saudi Arabia





  1. Valid Passport

The applicant’s passport, valid for a minimum of 6 months, with at least two blank visa pages available.

  1. Passport photo

Applicants must provide 2 recent 2×2 passport photos.

Note: You can upload a passport photo and Smart Visas will print it for a fee of $15.00 instead of  providing physical passport photos. Click here to upload a photo.

  1. Visa application form

Applicants must provide one completed visa application. Applications must be printed single-sided and signed in black or blue ink only. Click here to complete the visa application.

  1. Business Company Letter

Applicant must provide a company letter (on company letterhead) from the U.S. indicating the date, duration and purpose of travel, list a contact and address of the company and a statement that the company takes full responsibility for the applicant while in Saudi Arabia. The letter must be notarized.         

       5. Official Invitation

Applicant has to submit a confirmed invitation request issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affair ( the Host Company will arrange confirmation letter) or submit an original letter of invitation from a Government company in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Invitation must dictate consulate in New York where the visa will be requested.

      6. Certificate of Business Registration     

You must provide a copy of the business registration of the Saudi company inviting or sponsor

      7Proof of Travel

Applicant must provide a copy of their round-trip ticket or a booked itinerary that proves travel to and from Saudi Arabia. .

       8. Declaration Form

Applicant must submit declaration form. Click here for the Declaration Form.

       9Saudi Arabia Enjaz registration. 

An online registration with the Saudi Arabian consulate, an Enjaz, must be completed in addition to your visa application form. Smart Visas will complete this registration on your behalf once we receive your application form and supporting documents; we cannot use an Enjaz provided by an applicant. This requires an additional  service fee and an additional business processing day.

You must fill out this form, click here for the form, for us to apply for your Enjaz Registration.




The following visas are available.

Entries                            Validity                               Processing Time                         Embassy Fee

Single                               3 months                           3-6 days                                       $175.00

Multiple                        up to 5 years                     3-6 days                                       $175.00

Single                               3 months                           1-2 days                                       $300.00

Multiple                        up to 5 years                     1-2 days                                     $300.00

Total Fees: Embassy Fee, Enjaz Fee and Smart Visas Fee – $300.00 

Note: There will be an extra charge of $ 5.00 if paid on our online system.


Ship Documents to Smart Visas and Passport Services with a pre-paid return shipping envelope with tracking number via FedEx, UPS, etc, only.

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