Single entry 

  1. Completed visa application form;

To fill out visa application form click here.

A passport must be valid for no less than three months after the date of your planned departure from Azerbaijan.
Holders of travel documents must submit valid permanent resident card.

  1. Two passport sized photos of the applicant taken within the last 6 months to reflect the current appearance;

Colored photos must be full face, one stapled to the marked corner of the application. Note:  You can upload a passport photo and Smart Visas will print it for a fee of $15.00 instead of  providing physical passport photos. Click here to upload a photo.

  1. The invitation letter;
    • For business and humanitarian visit- the invitation letter from receiving party along with the copy of the charter and state registration certificate of the company/organization;
    • For personal visit- the invitation letter from Azerbaijani citizen or foreign citizen currently residing in Azerbaijan along with their Azerbaijani ID.
    • For leisure – copy of hotel reservation.
  2. Consular fee for the US citizens: $160 US dollars. For other nationalities seehere

Only money orders, bank cashier’s (certified check) and company checks are accepted.

Smart Visas Service Fee $125.00

Note: There will be an extra charge of $ 5.00 if paid on our online system.

Ship Documents to Smart Visas and Passport Services with a pre-paid return shipping envelope with tracking number via FedEx, UPS, etc, only.

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